With an  ever-growing traffic to eCommerce sites, it’s important to prepare your online business for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Especially considering Cyber Monday was the heaviest online spending day in history last year at $9.4 billion, jumping up 19.7% from 2018. Additionally, Black Friday reached $7.4 billion as the second-heaviest day of the season. 

Online shopping makes up a substantial portion of the shopping done on Black Friday. Whether you’re a major retailer or small business, it’s crucial to focus your attention on your digital execution to drive sales and create excitement for the holiday season.

Plan Early

Shoppers are not waiting until Black Friday to start their shopping. So your business shouldn’t wait until then to start promoting. It’s best to have a plan of action in place by mid-September so you can start promoting deals and giveaways the months leading up to November. This also allows time for more reviews on any new products you’re launching.

Additionally, you can start promoting your site’s newsletter to drive subscriptions and have a good contact list to send out effective email blasts to. By offering a small discount to loyal customers, they’re more likely to purchase from you instead of going on a hunt to find that perfect gift.

Set up Retargeting

Not every shopper that comes onto your site is going to end up purchasing in that moment. After all, 80% of brand new leads don’t end in an immediate sale. Because of that it’s important to have your retargeting set up and optimized to follow up with those who never checked out.

Additionally, using the right marketing tools you can automate emails to remind shoppers of items they left in their cart and additional items they would be interested in based on what they were previously looking at. 

Curate Gift Guides

Sometimes, people have a hard time knowing what gifts to get for their spouses, friends and family members. Curating a guide that shows what products you sell can help shoppers know where to begin. 

Don’t feel like curating your own guide? Look to influencers for help. It’s common for influencers to create their own gift guides highlighting products they love from a variety of different stores. Find someone who fits your demographic and would be interested in your products to help promote your more popular items. 

Take Advantage of Limited Time Windows

When shoppers feel like they have time to buy, they will continue to shop around at different stores looking for the best deals. To help increase conversions and get people to make a purchase when checking out your site for the first time, create a sense of urgency in your Black Friday ads with temporary sales and shopping codes. A banner offering a limited-time discount, for instance, could help convert sales quickly and efficiently. 

Although it seems like there’s plenty of time until the Holidays arrive, marketing is an ongoing effort that takes strategy and planning. By having your Holiday sales strategy in place early, you can ensure a huge boost of revenue just in time for Saint Nick’s arrival. 

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