Did you know that 68% of eCommerce visitors abandon their shopping carts?  This behavior is costing merchants roughly 2-4 trillion dollars per year!

Making the checkout process easy and information clear for your customers is crucial in ensuring that you close your sales.The majority of the time customers are leaving your site not because they were unhappy with the product or decided not to purchase, but because their checkout experience was not great. We’ve come up with some do’s and don’ts for the checkout process that will help your eCommerce site close more sales and give your customers the best shopping experience possible!


Make sure your mobile experience is working seamlessly.
By not having your website optimized for mobile devices, you are seriously missing out  since almost half of online shopping is done from smartphones or tablets. Make sure to check the font and button sizes in the checkout process from these views to ensure everything is easy to read. Another check point is to ensure the correct buttons can be clicked on without accidentally hitting something else.

Make shipping costs clear and apparent.
56% of shoppers have left a site before purchasing due to unexpected shipping costs that they were not willing to pay. Making the shipping information clear and upfront can help to keep potential customers from walking away at the very last step of the process. Of course, offering free shipping will be even more beneficial!

Make product suggestions. 
Now is your last chance to get your customers to add something additional to their cart. However, make sure that the product you are suggesting is relevant to what they are actually purchasing. Otherwise you are distracting them from finalizing the purchase for no reason.


Force your customers to create an account when checking out.
Although having them create an account will allow better marketing opportunities and order information storage, forcing it upon them when they’re ready to purchase could cause frustration. This extra step could cause them  to reconsider the purchase and leave without ever making an account or their purchase.

Make your website navigation challenging. 
25% of online consumers who abandoned their cart said that navigating the website was too difficult and they didn’t know how to continue or no longer wanted to. Avoid this by keeping your navigation easy and user-friendly.

Limit Payment Options
Another easy way to ensure your customers are comfortable making an online purchase is offering several payment options. Some of the most common methods of payment are PayPal and Credit Card Processing. However, it’s worth it to research what’s important to your customers (maybe an e-wallet method like ApplePay is helpful).

Yes, the number of cart abandonments are high, but most issues can be solved with simple online store optimizations. It’s worth taking a look at your website and seeing if the do’s and don’ts for the check out process outlined above are things you need to update on your site.