We get it – tech speak is hard to understand if you’re not a full time developer.

A convo can be going smoothly, and then your developer busts out a term like “301 redirect” or “CSS.” Now you’re thinking “What the heck did they just say?!” 

Fear not, we’re here to help navigate through some of the most common tech words so you can feel comfortable going into your next development meeting.


1. 404

Error message shown when the request cannot be made. Typically because the link is either broken or no longer exists

2. Back End

Simply put this is everything that makes the front-end of your website function properly. Such as the coding, styling, and plug-ins.

3. Cache

This is the storage of elements from your website to help with faster load speed time for returning visitors. You’ll often hear “clear your cache” from developers when you aren’t seeing changes they made because your computer is still holding out the old version. 

4. CDN

Also known as “Content Delivery Network” – the CDN, put simply, helps make your website load fast all around the world   

5. CSS

Code that tells the browser how to show your website to visitors. This formats the fonts, colors and other visual elements

6. DNS

Also known as, Domain Name System, is just a fancy way of saying the naming system for all things computer, services or other resources related to the internet

7. Framework

This lays the groundwork for developers to build and manage websites

8. Front End

The part of the website your visitors actually see. 

9. FTP

“File Transfer Protocol” protocol used for transferring files to or from a host computer. Typically authenticated with username & password

10. HTML

“Hypertext Markup Language” the coding language used to build a website 

11. Media Query

A functionality that allows the content of a web page to adapt to the type of media that the page is being rendered in, such as desktop, tablet or mobile view

12. Plugin

Modules that can be added (or “plugged in”) to a website for added functionality or features. 

Some of our favorite WP plugins:

  • Yoast SEO
  • Akismet Spam Protection

Some of our favorite Shopify plugins:

  • Returnly: Returns & Exchanges
  • Plug in SEO

13. Server

This is what houses the hosting of your site and allows visitors to access the site. 

14. UI

“User Interface” the visual aspects that go into your website or app. 

15. UX

“User Experience” all aspects of the end-users interactions with your website or app 

16. Wireframes

Typically used for planning a site’s structure and functionality. Showcasing images, video, copy block that displays the functional elements of the website or app 


Although we’re just scratching the surface of the lingo typically used by developers, these commonly used tech terms are a great start to gaining more knowledge in tech spec.   

Here’s to surprising your developers with our tech knowledge and rocking your next project!