Case Study

Driving into the future

Sharp UX for a futuristic brand


  • User Experience & Interface
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Development


“Driving into the future” took on a whole new meaning with this inspiring new wifi/crash/gps/safety car product. As a product poised for a broad array of customers, we had the pleasure of strategically planning and introducing to the world a new kind of dashcam that truly converts a car into more.

ThE challenge

The biggest challenge of this awesome project was to connect to and convert first adoption customers while in a lengthy pre-sales phase (before the product is actually out).

what we did

With a lot of research and analysis, we identified customer segments and crafted campaign strategies for each. Then, we stepped back and chose only the absolute all-stars. This helped us pushed forward with focus and purpose, allowing us to align, design, and build all other deliverables to be congruent throughout.

Congruent Design

Responsive Design


We achieved pretty fantastic results: a killer website, marketing that drives the right leads, stellar ROI and KPIs month over month, and most importantly – enthusiastic customers eager to receive their Lyfelens product!