Case Study
Street bound

The future of catering – Street Bound  

Where hungry meets easy. Innovating in the food truck industry 


  • Business Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Branding

  • Fundraising Coaching

  • UX/UI

  • Mobile App Development

Street bound

food truck finder

Making the catering industry become accesible and simple 

StreetBound has been an amazing journey that started with a conversation and preliminary idea and in less than 1 year has developed into a full blown startup, complete with user traction and a round of capital. We have had the absolute pleasure of coaching and work hands on with this brand through business development, branding, digital marketing, mobile app UX/UI, and the development of the StreetBound mobile app – which connects people and food together.

ThE challenge

In a nutshell, the challenge was to help take an idea all the way to launch.

Our task was to help bring to life a preliminary concept into a brand new mobile app focused on connecting local communities with mobile food vendors. Our first step was business strategy – where we first defined the ideal target markets and revenue channels. Next, the brand needed an identity congruent with its mission.

We also needed to determine which systems and technical architecture would facilitate multiple end users and then design it, build it, and scale it.

what we did

Due to the 360-degree nature of this project, we started by breaking down the launch into smaller milestones. First came business development, followed by branding, UX/UI, tech development, and digital marketing. Throughout the journey to MVP launch, we specifically focused on business development which shaped all major decisions critical to the launch.


Congruent Design

Impeccable User Experience


The results of the team’s efforts to date is incredible. In less than one year, the brand has over 1,000 users, 16 registered vendor businesses, and multiple catering contracts in process. And with a lot of hard work from the founders and our consulting team, the brand was able to secure a round of investment. Together, we have combined our experience with the founder’s knowledge of the local community to produce a service that adds value to all users involved as well as the local economy. We are thrilled to continue our 360-degree work on the brand and scale it to new regions!