Your B2C Sales Aren’t Growing. Here’s Why.

by | Apr 27, 2022

Are you really targeting the right audience?

It seems like a no-brainer – you obviously have the right target audience for your product, right? Not necessarily. If you’re an e-commerce brand with hundreds of products selling across as many platforms, it can be easy to make assumptions about your buyers. Selling a pair of jeans on Amazon? That customer is categorically different from a buyer that only shops luxury sites. When’s the last time you compared the two?

Just as products are constantly updated with new designs and features to edge out the competition, your audience is also consistently growing, changing, and looking at new things that pique their interests. If you don’t have a team of experts that’s constantly monitoring your personas and updating accordingly, you could be missing out on valuable insights that could help you move the needle.

Is your team too siloed?

Product development, design, sales, research, marketing– there are tons of components and departments that comprise a successful B2C business. While each moving part can make for a very successful whole, there are also gaps that can come from relying on specialists. If your B2C product has dedicated sales reps, are they adequately sharing the information they’re finding on what makes for a successful lead? Are the product and design teams efficiently communicating with marketing to make sure the messaging properly highlights the product’s features? Is marketing assessing the competition and providing the kind of market outlook that helps design and development make the right decisions? 

If you’ve got a well-oiled B2C selling machine, the answers to these questions are probably all a resounding “Yes!”. But, if that’s the case, then you also are probably seeing steady growth across your sales process.

Not seeing that growth? A siloed team could be the problem.

Do you have a system that tracks your performance?

How are you reporting on goals like new customers, sales, and product feedback? A robust system allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts product by product, persona by persona, or even by each campaign. Some CRMs are great for this kind of tracking, but can be expensive and unwieldy if your entire team doesn’t know how to leverage them. A custom solution, designed with your team’s goals at its center, can be perfect for helping you see what is and isn’t working, and help you move the needle accordingly.

Here at Volt Studios, we excel at providing simple, scalable digital solutions to complex problems. Increasing B2C sales isn’t always as easy as throwing more money into the budget or coming up with something new or better to sell. When you need ways to regularly grow your sales, the kind of strategy you need is best served by a team of experts that loves nothing more than solving a problem. 

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