The unit for potential is the volt.
We are the driving force that takes a company to its full potential.

Women-led. International. Diverse. Creative. Analytical. And a heck of a lot of fun.
Everything we create is tailored to the needs and ambitions of who we work with.
As a result, brands grow to their full potential.

All groundbreaking companies started by dreaming, by daring. Those are the kinds of people we love to work with. Together we defy convention, embrace the audacity to work outside the lines, and move the needle.


We believe strategy, creative, marketing, and technology must be involved to reach maximum results in a given project. We don’t segment these areas into silohs, but rather encourage complete integration through creating multi-disciplinary teams. Simply put, every project has a team comprised of experts in each major discipline. No matter how big or small the project, this is a consistent factor in Volt projects – and it raises the bar.

Like the companies we work with, we were once a start-up too. So we know the challenges of building a business from scratch and just how important it is to work alongside people that get it.

We thrive most in projects that allow us the freedom to ask hard questions, dig deeper, and make innovative change.

“ I've been working with Volt Studio's for about a year now and I highly recommend them. Their communication is clear, they're quick to respond, and their deliverables are high quality, always well thought out and designed. ”



“ What definitely stands out is their approach. If you want a marketing agency that invests its brains and souls into your brand, The Volt Studios is definitely the right choice. They do not work for quantity, they work for quality. ”

Alex Shevchenko

Founder and CEO, Jidoo